Heard over lunch… Prostate Examinations, Chinese Sausages, and how to name a nail parlour?

Prostate Examinations

Chief Banana was out for lunch with 2 other Banana friends. It was a slightly rainy day, and the floors were wet. Big Banana (Banana Friend 1) said he didn’t want to get wet. Being the Bananas that we were, there were all sorts of dirty jokes about being wet and all that sort. Small Banana (Banana Friend 2) somehow talked about a 1990’s chinese R-Rated movie where a man’s head transformed into a dick, thus the term “dickhead”. (If someone can tell me the name of that movie please!).

It kinda ended with comments on fisting and prostate examination [from menshealth.about.com “The man is advised that a finger needs to be inserted into their rectum in order to examine the prostate gland.”] ouch!

Chinese Sausages

Small Banana had started talking about somebody we banana people knew. In fact Chief Banana and other Banana friends had previously given this person a nickname – Lup Cheong (Chinese Sausage) because of how his lips looked like it. Before you knew it, we had gone down the slippery path and compared the Chinese Sausages to something else, and references to fingers were involved. (Those of you who know, don’t pretend you don’t…)


How to name a nail parlour

The lunch time Bananas decided to start coming up with Banana names for a nail parlour. Those that made the list include

  • Nail It
  • Cuty-Gal (think cuticles)
  • I “nail” who you did last summer (think movie)
  • I NAILED you (I need you, or … whatever your Banana minds can think of)
  • Nail Me
  • Victoria’s Nails
  • Victoria’s Secretes (think Victoria’s Secrets)
  • Along the other words that we would play with using the word nails include

  • A”nail”asys as in “can you please do some Anailasys on these numbers”
  • A”nail”yst as in “look at those tired looking Anilyst doing Anailasys even during lunch time”
  • A”nail”nymous as in “Chief Banana will remain Anailnymous in this blog”
  • Bananas!


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    1. […] Banana was explaining to this group of Bananas during lunch at Absolute Haven about how we had discussed possible names to give to a nail salon previously. Victoria Secretes turned out to be a popular […]

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