Breakfast Conversations… a Challenge for Chief Banana

Over some coffee and bread, tall Banana and short Banana decided to offer Chief Banana a challenge.

$5 to wear a full banana suit and run through Orchard Road. Tall Banana offered to pay for the cost of the banana suit.

Chief Banana wasn’t impressed. Short Banana countered

$10 to wear a full Banana suit + Pajamas and run around Orchard Road

Chief Banana still wasn’t impressed. Along the way back to office, we met small Banana and Burnt Banana Girl 1. We shared the challenge with them. Small Banana thought out loud “why do I need to pay Chief Banana to make a Banana out of himself when he’s doing a fine job as he is already…” [Chief Banana: Small Banana is an Idiot]

Anyway, short Banana made one last counter…

– Banana Suit + Pajamas in Orchard Road Doing splits….

Chief Banana did not ask how much short Banana wanted to pay for me doing that…

[Chief Banana’s notes: for some of you that may not know, a lot of references here were made to Bananas in Pajamas, an Australian children’s television shown sometime¬†from 1992.]


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