Heard in the Office… what kind of banana are you?

Small Banana didn’t seem too pleased with his Small Banana name.

So me and Short Banana offered other names for him to consider. Well, actually, he wanted Long Banana, but we weren’t sure if it descibed any of his physical attributes. Anyways, here goes

1. Rotten Banana
2. Firm Banana
3. Turgid Banana
4. Spinning Banana?? (why did we put this ah?)
5. Chopped Banana (Small Banana’s suggestion – obviously he knew something we didn’t?)
6. Flaccid Banana (as opposed to firm Banana)
7. Copycat Banana

As the list went on, it become obvious that nothing was as suitable as Small Banana. It was a waste of good Banana time. As a result, I was very inclined to name him a wasted Banana, but I’m kind. I’m saving that one up for someone else who truely deserves it, otherwise, giving that name to him would be a good waste of banana (Banana dude, that’s a complement lah)

Updates:. I’m changing Banana Girl 1’s name to Burnt Banana Girl 1 – only because she gets sun burnt a lot…She first appeared in this post


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