Milestones… Talking Bananas now also in Chinese

Chief Banana has decided that in order to reach out to a wider audience, Talking Bananas must start blogging in Chinese. However, a Banana is also what Chief Banana friends like to call him (“yellow” on the outside, “white” on the inside – meaning that Chief Banana looks like a Chinese, but behaves more like a white person and speaks little Chinese.) It’s similar but also different to what how you would call someone an ABC (American Born Chinese) who is Asian but is recognizable by his/her thick western accent – but the ABC may know more chinese than a Banana.

In an effort to go back to his Chinese roots, Chief Banana will now start practicing how to blog in Chinese. Please bear with Chief Banana while he improves in the meantime.

*A Disclaimer because the way Chinese is used here on this blog should be taken as correct. Chief Banana’s chinese is really bad, so most of the things Chief Banana puts here in probably not the correct way to write it in Chinese!

从今天起 大橡胶 会用华文 来放在这个 不咯个(blog)。 这个是因为 大橡胶 的花纹 不是 很好 所以他要多联系。谢谢。


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