Overheard on the Radio – Cannot eat Chicken feet before…

Chief Banana and Banana Mistress in the Car on the way to Banana office. Radio DJ was sprouting their usual banana nonsense (that’s the way Bananas like to start their day, listening to Banana-rish stuff.

Banana Caller :  Have you tried Chicken Feet before? It’s really good…

Image taken from www.Alibaba.com

Banana Radio DJ: No way.. that’s disgusting. Just imagine where and on what the chickens have been stepping on. And the nails… goodness knows what’s in the nails. I’ll never eat chicken feet if the chickens haven’t done their pedicure yet…

Chief Banana thinks this may be a viable business opportunity – looking for investors now :)… who’s in?


2 Responses

  1. I’ve actually eaten fried chicken feet before. It’s not as bad as it sounds, it’s not really worth it though. It’s more bone than meat .:p

  2. Banana Mistress also likes Chicken Feet… especially the steamed ones at those chinese restaurants. I heard it really good, but Chief Banana is generally a very picky eater.. Pedicure or not, Chief Banana will not eat Chicken feet.

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