Lunchtime Conversations… more on Victoria Secretes, and I nailed who you did last summer Too

Chief Banana was explaining to this group of Bananas during lunch at Absolute Haven about how we had discussed possible names to give to a nail salon previously. Victoria Secretes turned out to be a popular choice – as would be the case when you have a group of 7 male bananas having lunch together…

The conversation started nose-diving in quality from the moment Victoria Secretes was mentioned. We ended up dipping our seafood platter in “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” (which was pink in color, by  the way). For all you dirty folks out there – no there is no “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” being served at that resaurant, but any requests can be certainly entertained and fulfilled 🙂 Although, you might not really want to know what “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” really is, but if you’re interested, we can always arrange something…

“I nailed who you did last summer” had its fans and a new franchise outlet to be called “I nailed who you did last summer, too” 🙂


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