Office Conversations… radiation from printers are harmful?

The following conversation came from a office blogger in my company…

Office Blogger 1 asks: Is radiation from printers harmful? … I realize we have printers very near to us. Is radiation from printers harmful? … Wondering who designed the office layout to have huge printers right next to someone’s workstation. Not only is it noisy, it may actually be harmful to health.

Office Blogger 2 replies: I thought there was some talk about very fine ink spray from printers being harmful, but never heard about radiation being harmful.  

Office Blogger 3 replies: what wavelength of the em spectrum are you concerned about specifically? visible light (ie. laser) or radio frequency or the alpha-beta-gamma kind?

Office Blogger 4 replies: I’m sitting not to far away from the printers : (  They do produce unpleasant smell during continuous printing..  Some think is bad to inhale and consider it an occupational health harzard  (hazard)

Chief Banana thinks that the question and the replies are actually quite funny!…  lol


New Replies by Office Blogger 5: Most (if not all) printer/scanner/copiers go through some  EMC tests and such, and other types of weird endurance tests.. to ensure they’re of a certain level of standard in terms of the acceptable emission level.. during product development phase. Unless you’re using some crap printers from some Durian Company, chances are they don’t usually emit potentially harmful radiations.

Chief Banana: Do they also make the printers run on a “thread”mill and make them run and then measure their electronic pulses to see if they pass through the endurance tests??? 


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