Office Conversations… radiation from printers are harmful?

The following conversation came from a office blogger in my company…

Office Blogger 1 asks: Is radiation from printers harmful? … I realize we have printers very near to us. Is radiation from printers harmful? … Wondering who designed the office layout to have huge printers right next to someone’s workstation. Not only is it noisy, it may actually be harmful to health.

Office Blogger 2 replies: I thought there was some talk about very fine ink spray from printers being harmful, but never heard about radiation being harmful.  

Office Blogger 3 replies: what wavelength of the em spectrum are you concerned about specifically? visible light (ie. laser) or radio frequency or the alpha-beta-gamma kind?

Office Blogger 4 replies: I’m sitting not to far away from the printers : (  They do produce unpleasant smell during continuous printing..  Some think is bad to inhale and consider it an occupational health harzard  (hazard)

Chief Banana thinks that the question and the replies are actually quite funny!…  lol


New Replies by Office Blogger 5: Most (if not all) printer/scanner/copiers go through some  EMC tests and such, and other types of weird endurance tests.. to ensure they’re of a certain level of standard in terms of the acceptable emission level.. during product development phase. Unless you’re using some crap printers from some Durian Company, chances are they don’t usually emit potentially harmful radiations.

Chief Banana: Do they also make the printers run on a “thread”mill and make them run and then measure their electronic pulses to see if they pass through the endurance tests??? 


Lunchtime Conversations… more on Victoria Secretes, and I nailed who you did last summer Too

Chief Banana was explaining to this group of Bananas during lunch at Absolute Haven about how we had discussed possible names to give to a nail salon previously. Victoria Secretes turned out to be a popular choice – as would be the case when you have a group of 7 male bananas having lunch together…

The conversation started nose-diving in quality from the moment Victoria Secretes was mentioned. We ended up dipping our seafood platter in “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” (which was pink in color, by  the way). For all you dirty folks out there – no there is no “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” being served at that resaurant, but any requests can be certainly entertained and fulfilled 🙂 Although, you might not really want to know what “Victoria Secretes Secret Sauce” really is, but if you’re interested, we can always arrange something…

“I nailed who you did last summer” had its fans and a new franchise outlet to be called “I nailed who you did last summer, too” 🙂

Chief Banana receives his first threatening message…

After coming back from lunch in the afternoon, Chief Banana sees his first threatening message, on his table. It was *gasp* written on a banana.

Burnt Banana Girl 1… this means a banana war – you know that right?  And Chief Banana didn’t even do anything to deserve this. *pout pout pout*


Let the Banana wars began… go my banana warriors, and make sure you succeed in your mission and DON’T “SLIP” up!…

Overheard on the Radio – Cannot eat Chicken feet before…

Chief Banana and Banana Mistress in the Car on the way to Banana office. Radio DJ was sprouting their usual banana nonsense (that’s the way Bananas like to start their day, listening to Banana-rish stuff.

Banana Caller :  Have you tried Chicken Feet before? It’s really good…

Image taken from

Banana Radio DJ: No way.. that’s disgusting. Just imagine where and on what the chickens have been stepping on. And the nails… goodness knows what’s in the nails. I’ll never eat chicken feet if the chickens haven’t done their pedicure yet…

Chief Banana thinks this may be a viable business opportunity – looking for investors now :)… who’s in?

Milestones… Talking Bananas now also in Chinese

Chief Banana has decided that in order to reach out to a wider audience, Talking Bananas must start blogging in Chinese. However, a Banana is also what Chief Banana friends like to call him (“yellow” on the outside, “white” on the inside – meaning that Chief Banana looks like a Chinese, but behaves more like a white person and speaks little Chinese.) It’s similar but also different to what how you would call someone an ABC (American Born Chinese) who is Asian but is recognizable by his/her thick western accent – but the ABC may know more chinese than a Banana.

In an effort to go back to his Chinese roots, Chief Banana will now start practicing how to blog in Chinese. Please bear with Chief Banana while he improves in the meantime.

*A Disclaimer because the way Chinese is used here on this blog should be taken as correct. Chief Banana’s chinese is really bad, so most of the things Chief Banana puts here in probably not the correct way to write it in Chinese!

从今天起 大橡胶 会用华文 来放在这个 不咯个(blog)。 这个是因为 大橡胶 的花纹 不是 很好 所以他要多联系。谢谢。

Lunchtime Conversations… Blackberry=Tamagotchi, KTV is dirty and Karaoke is not, and stress free pigs

It was a big Banana group (9 bananas altogether) – it was the usual Friday get wild Banana Lunch time party and we decided to head out in 2 banana cars. Destination? Japanaese good food.

The place that we were headed was known for it’s tonkatsu, amongst other things. And the pork they use is not just any pork, mind you. Supposedly, the pork comes from pigs that are stress free, and they come from a particular breed of pigs (the Black Pig). The following is taken from the restaurant’s web page.


“Naturally Tastier.

Berkshire matures into delicious, juicy cuts and steaks.

Numbering from the 100’s on the low end to the 1,000’s on the high end—worldwide-the breed is quite rare. Yet thanks to the efforts of farmers loyal to the Berkshire’s strong reputation for superior quality, the population is growing.

We ensure a stress-free lifestyle—imagine if we were to tell Lord Rannoch (our prized Highland breeding steer) that the daily massage is off the menu! [Are you serious? Do you know how much we Bananas have to pay to get our massages??? Seriously though, I wonder if these pigs can get like Shoulder and Neck Massages, or maybe opt for Shiatsu massages, or the Swedish kinds… Although the hot stones massage treatment will probably mean something very different for them :)]

But the food was good – the tonkatsu that I had was juicy and tender.

Chief Banana Concludes – massages indeed make for very delicious pork. Bananas on the other hand, don’t like to be massaged… It would be a very messy affair.

KTV is Dirty, Karaoke is not

For some reason, Burnt Banana Girl 1 had the impression that KTV (vs Karaoke places, but they actually refer to the same place) referred to Karaoke places that were “dirty” [meaning that there were women available at those places as “personal hostess” and there was probably more touching than there was singing]. Therefore, to her, places like “Party World KTV” was not suitable for wholesome singing fun, but “Kbox Karaoke” is – (Chief Banana: that is absolutely not true, and Chief Banana has gone his way to correct Burnt Banana’s Girl impressions.. He cannot vouch for KTV places with names like “Lulu’s KTV”, or “Candy KTV Bar”…

Blackberry = Tamagotchi

One of the Banana Friends noticed that Short Banana was pretty much addicted to his Blackberry. Short Banana was asked if he also used his Blackberry in the elevator, because “he probably just like, checked his email in the office just seconds before he left his cubicle… and you need to check your email again???” Chief Banana, who was one of those that does exactly that, offered his defence of that action

Chief Banana: It’s necessary to be productive, even when you’re just waiting for the lift. Besides, it’s an excellent way to look busy and important. Plus, it’s a great accessory to avoid ackward silences when you’re in the lift (going down 36 floors) with someone that you vaguely know but not enough to strike a conversation

 The bunch of Bananas around Chief Banana also made the observation that Blackberrys was like playing your tamagotchis… just like the tamagotchis need attention, you need to quickly attend to your Blackberry whenver the red light indicator (that an email has arrived) lights up. Nothing else on earth warrants attention so much so like the Blackberry e.g. whenever a fire alarm sounds in the office, any banana would “continue on this call until some seconds later and they will think to themselves  “so noisy – someone please turn it off”  as opposed to “Ï gotta haul my banana ass out of here fast!” But with a blackberry, the slightest vibration and a bit of red flashes, and the hand flashes out and starts fondling the blackberry with the most intense focus that a person could offer! 

Another Banana friend gets named

Another Banana friend gets named… BaXX [snazzier version of Banana XX which has simply no meaning whatsoever]

Heard in the Office… what kind of banana are you?

Small Banana didn’t seem too pleased with his Small Banana name.

So me and Short Banana offered other names for him to consider. Well, actually, he wanted Long Banana, but we weren’t sure if it descibed any of his physical attributes. Anyways, here goes

1. Rotten Banana
2. Firm Banana
3. Turgid Banana
4. Spinning Banana?? (why did we put this ah?)
5. Chopped Banana (Small Banana’s suggestion – obviously he knew something we didn’t?)
6. Flaccid Banana (as opposed to firm Banana)
7. Copycat Banana

As the list went on, it become obvious that nothing was as suitable as Small Banana. It was a waste of good Banana time. As a result, I was very inclined to name him a wasted Banana, but I’m kind. I’m saving that one up for someone else who truely deserves it, otherwise, giving that name to him would be a good waste of banana (Banana dude, that’s a complement lah)

Updates:. I’m changing Banana Girl 1’s name to Burnt Banana Girl 1 – only because she gets sun burnt a lot…She first appeared in this post